Saturday, 20 October 2007

Bonjour from Ballarat!

Well, we made it home safe and sound from our "Excellent Adventure". Dave and I had a wonderful time together, and saw a did lots of amazing things.

Europe is such an historic place, we really don't understand the ages here in Australia. An example of this is as follows: Part of our holiday took us to Cremona where the violin was developed as we use it today. We saw violins there in the museum which were 450 years old! That is much older than our nation!

We met lots of interesting and wonderful people, and even exchanged details with a lovely Belgium couple who we met at the end of a champagne tour in Epernay, France. Hopefully they will come and visit us here in Australia, or we might even see them again in Europe!(?)

Jet lag has taken its toll on Katie, but it seems that my friend Ric-Rac has been feeling jet lag too, and the furthest she has been in Sebastopol! By the way did you know there is a Sebastopol in Italy?

In looking ahead to the things I have to do this term, I am feeling a bit snowed under, so the housework may suffer, even though my wonderful Mum left the house sparkling clean...