Sunday, 16 September 2007

A Bit of a Spring Clean

Well, this weekend has not seen me occupying my time to anything else but a spring clean! (Besides a boys sleepover party on Friday night. It was nice to disappear to orchestra rehearsal at 7pm!)

All of this in to prepare the house for some exciting visitors!
I have successfully cleaned the following rooms; the front room, Lawries bedroom, the bathroom and laundry. Doesn't it feel good to get rid of a whole years dust?!

A deadline is the way to go!

Mum and Dad are coming on Friday to visit Lawrence for his birthday, which is next Monday. The house has to be ready, as they are bringing Dave's Dad (Dud)with them too! It is all VERY exciting! Lawrence loves his grandparents dearly, and we are very pleased that they will be here to help him celebrate his tenth birthday!

I can't believe it, but Dave and and I are off to Paris in 8 sleeps. I don't think that I believe it is happening! Mum will be staying to look after Lawrence, Spooky, Boof, Zelda, the chooks and fish. Mitch will have a holiday in Adelaide with Dad, when Dad and Dud return next Wednesday.

I still haven't got round to sending Auntie Shirley's quilt - this will have to be done TOMORROW!
The roses will have to wait until Tuesday to be planted into their new pots.
I didn't get round to cleaning my room for Mum, that will have to wait to Wednesday.
The kitchen will have to wait for Thursday.
Bathroom Friday, before our visitor arrive.

When will I pack?

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Annie said...

It's getting very exciting Kate! I really IS happening you know. Lucky thing you!