Saturday, 29 December 2007

Holidays, holidays, holidays

Well here we are in the suburb of South Brighton in sunny, HOT Adelaide. This mornign I went down to the Curves gym at Glenelg and undertook a good workout. Got there in the nick of tie, as their holiday closing time was 10am and I was lucky he girl let me start at 9:45. The boys are down the beach, having walked down there about half an hour ago.

We had a lovely Christmas with our families and are looking forward to catching up with friends this week.

I have just about finished my car craft, and so have made a visit to the local Lincraft to buy some more wool for my crochet. Although having a good time, it is with mixed feelings that I am here at the moment.

Our lovely neighbours had th job of minding the cat, chooks and fish. The dogs were put inot boarding on the Friday before Christmas, and are having a good stay there.

We do get annoyed with the dogs barking at possums in the night, but it also seems they keep the foxes away, as it only took two nights before the foxes came and had a lovely Christmas feast. Poor neighbours had to phone me tell give me the bad news on Sunday.

On Boxing Day, I received another call to let me know that my lovely puss "Spooky" was taken to the Emergency Vet that morning. To cut a long story short, he vet thinks that Spooky has a problem with her central balance system, but is improving each day and is now eating. She will stay in the 'hospital' until I get back to pick her up on Saturday 5th January.

I feel really sorry that my neighbour has had to do all this and none of it is her fault. Spooky could have got sick at anytime, and the fox could have taken a chance any night, as we usually tie the dogs up at night.

I look forward to seeing my friends here, and back in Ballarat when we get home.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year!

PS Annie: I promise not to SMS you at midnight on New Years Eve this year!


Jodie said...

HI kate, Sorry to hear about your poor chooks and the cat. We all went to the gym this morning and I have been hanging connor's (now very scratched) door .
The sewing machine is calling. See you when you get back

Annie said...

Dear Kate - sorry to hear the sad news. I'm sure dogs do keep foxes away, as we lived on the edge of the Whip Stick Forest in Bendigo and didn't even have a top on our chooks, but they were right beside the dog run. You will have to go with Sue to the next Chook Market as Ian is almost finished her chook house and she is very excited. We are having a peaceful time here and I'm about to embark on tidying up my sewing room - it is a fair old mess. Good to hear from you and a big giggle about the SMS.