Monday, 11 August 2008

What beautiful weather we are having

The cold has really hit Ballarat over the past few days, but when it snows, I don't care about the cold really - it's just too beautiful!!!!

The boys made a snowman on the trampoline, but unfortunately we didn't take of photo of it last night. It is still around 24 hours later, though.
I wonder if it will be there tomorrow morning???
Hey Lawrie, I thought you were sick!


Janette said...

Hi Kate, The snow was beautiful, the kids were sooooo excited. I thought Joel was supposed to be sick too - but he was well enough to go out in it too!!! (I really can't imagine you swearing)

Annie said...

You definitely got more than us ! boo hoo

Annie said...

I love hearing from you in blogland Kate, and I loved seeing you in my classroom after school. Hope you are feeling better soon - in time for craft on Thursday night anyway!!!

little women said...

Hi Kate, so lovely to meet you today and so generous of you all to invite me along. I had such a nice time, so thank- you so much.