Friday, 27 July 2007

What has Katie Been doing?

I feel like I haven't done a lot lately, but I guess that when I look at what I have done, t's just been different to normal.

Since the beginning of our holiday in Queensland (Late June 2007), I have read the following:


I have read 75/607 pages of this one:

Today I put the finishing touches on a quilt for my Auntie Shirley. This was supposed to be finished ready for me to send to her for Christmas last year! My Auntie Shirley is a lovely, caring lady who lives in New Zealand. Her husband, Douglas, is an absolute treasure. Uncle Dougie is my Dad's uncle, who is really not that much older than my Dad. I hope they get a lovely surprise in the mail real soon, although I don't really want to part with this one. I wonder if I have enough fabric to make a twin?

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Annie said...

The quilt looks lovely Kate, I'm sure she will love it. I love it!!