Sunday, 15 July 2007

What has Katie done!?

Well, yesterday I visited my very clever hairdresser after a workout with my friends at Curves.
I think that they might pass me in the street, as they may not recognise me!

Not much crafting has been done this weekend, as I have been busy getting ready for work tomorrow. I have finished one frindship quilt border, some silk ribbon roses for my friend Annie, nearly finished a quilt for my Auntie Shirley (last years Christmas present), and have been planning the next border for the friendship quilt I received on Thursday at our rotation night.
The crochet has grown a little.

I wanted to post a picture, but can't find the camera cord. It must have disappeared when I tidied up the craft/computer room! Makes you wonder why you tidy up, doesn't it?


Jodie said...

yes kate, cleaning up is highly over rated. can't wait to see the hair -I am intrigued !

Annie said...

Thanks Katie for those beautiful ribbon roses. They are special. Looking forward to seeing your new hair. Day one down, 10 weeks to go, and they'll give us another 2 weeks holiday ... yippeeeee!!!