Sunday, 24 August 2008


The days roll by, and I wait with patience as my magnolia "Vulcan" grows its only bloom for the year. There were two buds on my tree, until we moved in May, but one got knocked off. I was very disappointed to say the least! But at least there is one - last year I had none.

I venture out each day to check my little baby and hope that one day soon it will show its beauty to the world.


I found the pictures of the snowman from a couple of weeks ago on my phone! Here is my picture study of "The life cycle of a snowman".


little women said...

Hey Kate, I have two magnolia Grande-flora that do have beautiful blooms, I look at them everyday when they are out and wonder if one day my trees will be as big and beautiful as the ones in the botanical gardens! I don't think I will be alive to see it somehow.

Janette said...

Hi Kate, can't wait to see it bloom!! I have an orchid that has a bud again this year - very exciting to watch and to finally see it bloom. I just have to watch that one little girl doesn't pick it!!!!

Annie said...

Very exciting. I think my magnolia died last summer - weep - I'll have to plant another.